Why are we developing Efir.io?

In 2016 for one of our clients we started buying advertisement from Youtube bloggers. We have gotten fantastic results. However, to achieve them we had to go through 7 circles of hell and face the same problems all the time. The most difficult part was bloggers selection. That was because there were no free search engines which provided bloggers’ price rates and contact details on the market.

But the absence of search engines wasn’t the only problem that we had faced. The fact that bloggers aren’t professional advertisers hampers getting high quality native advertisement. Moreover, it’s impossible to pay bloggers according to the classic CPA model. That’s because that kind of advertisement is more about PR than actual sales. Advertising agencies don’t really help the market. First of all, there are not that many of them. Secondly, the existing ones are drowning in work. Generally, the market is opaque.

In January of 2017, after collecting data of 300 bloggers (contact details and price rates), we published our database, made access to it free and gave bloggers an opportunity to join. That’s how efir.io was created (qaazqaaz.com before rebranding). In a year it has become possible to find the majority of Youtube channels with more than 20k subscribers (170k+ channels) through efir.io

Subprojects efir.io

New subprojects of Efir aimed at solving market problems started being launched half a year after Efir had been created. At the moment we officially have announced that we are working on the following projects:

  1. Production.efir.io - decentralized production of bloggers,,
  2. PRQuality.efir.io - PR quality assessment according to CPA model,
  3. Agencies.efir.io - automated services for advertising agencies,
  4. Analytics.efir.io - analytics of bloggers native advertisement market.

We have also realized that the main platform should evolve from a search engine into a proper marketplace for startups that solve problems of native advertising market. The market itself is huge and keeps growing actively. We understand that we can’t cover it ourselves. However, we are able to create an ecosystem. Within this ecosystem we can develop the market together with other market players. We have opened the access to all the data on the main marketplace. Besides, we invite external IT startups to develop the market together with us.

Developing bloggers native advertising market we define following principles::

1. Blog is a modern decentralized and not controlled Media which possesses the heard and the thoughts of the audience and speaks the same language. We support decentralizations of bloggers market.

2. Our priority is direct communication between market players. That’s why we openly and freely publish all contact details of the players of the market (bloggers, production and advertising agencies, advertisers, etc)

3. Blogger is a profession accessible to everyone. We unite media specialists (radio-TV-editorials) and give bloggers an opportunity to adopt their professional competencies.

4. Blogger is a specialist who can work on multiple different platforms at the same time (websites, social networks etc). Simultaneous work for different sources decreases blogger’s dependency on the policy of every particular one.

5. P2P advertisement is a natural mechanism for bloggers income but the platforms are not interested in it. Blogger’s advertising is not just marketing but also PR. Payment for blogger’s advertisement should be based on both marketing and PR effect. We help to buy and sell advertisement with payment for the result and not the fact of publication.

6. Advertising agencies should suggest best bloggers from the market to the advertisers and not those whom they produce. To avoid conflict of interests, producing activity should be separated from the advertising agencies activities.

7. The key functionality of the platform/ecosystem efir.io is free for all the participants. Using efir.io shouldn’t imply compulsory commissions or fees

8. We are not affiliated with any market players and just represent their interests..

We have opened access to all the data on the main marketplace and invite external startups to develop the market together with us.

In March of 2018 we have launched the first version of intellectual bloggers search. Now instead of looking for a blogger based in the name and description of the channel advertisers can do it according to the blogger’s content. The main platform has been localized in 17 languages. It is now accessible to the advertisers from all over the world. We have a lot to do for the development of our main platform and subprojects. With your help we will make the bloggers native advertising market clear, transparent and convenient for all players.