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I make videos.

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Views on video: 5 274 420
Comments on video: 38 800
Likes on video: 432 821
Mean advertising duration: 13:48
IAA: 5.55

Last 6 videos

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  • Leaking My Email Address...
    Views: 5435552
  • I Did The Job Boss, I Did The Job Boss, I Did The Job Boss, I Did The Job Boss, I Did The Job Boss
    Views: 4988535
  • PewDiePie Games in Dreams Are AMAZING!
    Views: 4387433

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Advertising formats:

Exclusive - The whole video is devoted to the product beeing advertized. Normally it is a detailed overview of the product/service/event.
Integration - The advertised product / service is described and used by the blogger in the video part, becoming an integral part of the story. Hidden advertising.
Mention - Mention the advertised product / service in the video. Placement of advertised products in the background.
Pre-roll/Post-roll - A short advertisement at the beginning/middle/end of the video. The blogger either independently describes the advertised product/services, or inserts the finished materials of the advertiser.

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