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Привет! Меня зовут #Рома. Это мой канал Romka TV Ромка ТВ. Мне 5 лет. Я снимаю со своими родителями интересные видео. Подписывайтесь и не пропустите новые ролики. Hi! My name is Roma) 5 years

Челленджи, вызовы, квесты, испытания. Веселое видео для детей. Смешное видео для детей. Детский канал. Распаковка игрушек, новинки игрушек, интересные игрушки и много сладостей
Challenge, challenges, quests, test. Hilarious video for children. Funny Videos for children. Children's Channel. Unpacking toys, novelty toys, exciting toys, and many sweets

Working conditions

Все детали, пожелания, ограничения и концепция сюжета обсуждаются.
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Exclusive: 1.00
Integration: 1.00
Mention: 1.00
Pre-roll/Post-roll: 1.00

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Exclusive - The whole video is devoted to the product beeing advertized. Normally it is a detailed overview of the product/service/event.
Integration - The advertised product / service is described and used by the blogger in the video part, becoming an integral part of the story. Hidden advertising.
Mention - Mention the advertised product / service in the video. Placement of advertised products in the background.
Pre-roll/Post-roll - A short advertisement at the beginning/middle/end of the video. The blogger either independently describes the advertised product/services, or inserts the finished materials of the advertiser.