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Channel description

A channel dedicated for awesome action animation!!!!

I'm a gamer, artist, martial artist who love to create breath taking action scenes.

visit my patreon page if you interest to support me. I'm animate for my own satisfaction, i don't do commission or any such.

My Email zimautanimation@gmail.com

Statistics for the last 10 videos

Views on video: 4 201 837
Comments on video: 2 232
Likes on video: 83 574
Mean advertising duration: 06:30
IAA: 3.67

Last 6 videos

  • WINTER SOLDIER Vs. GUILE - Super Soldiers Clash (Part 2)
    Views: 989802
  • WINTER SOLDIER Vs. GUILE - Super Soldiers Clash (Part 1)
    Views: 2580573
  • Drawing Godzilla-Venom Concept Art
    Views: 210111
  • Drawing Concept Art, Guile (Street Fighter)
    Views: 104069
  • Drawing Concept Art, Bucky (Winter Soldier)
    Views: 81458
  • HULK Vs. SAITAMA Animation (Full Version) -Taming The Beast
    Views: 30916839

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