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This is the first channel that we, Gummybear International Inc., created on YouTube with the first "official" postings of the long versions of The Gummy Bear Song in various languages. A year later, we decided that Gummibär needed his own separate official channel. Please visit the official Gummibär YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/gummybearintl

All new Gummibär videos are posted at http://www.youtube.com/gummybearintl

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Mean advertising duration: 02:43
IAA: 8.31

Last 6 videos

  • Eu Sou O Ursinho - Full Length Brazilian Version - The Gummy Bear Song
    Просмотров: 22937232
  • Yo Soy Tu Gummy Bear - Full Length Spanglish Version - The Gummy Bear Song
    Просмотров: 54223696
  • Jag Är En Gummibjörn - Full Swedish Version - The Gummy Bear Song
    Просмотров: 73479678
  • Osito Gominola - Full Spanish Version - The Gummy Bear Song
    Просмотров: 817009122
  • Ich Bin Dein Gummibär - Full German Version - The Gummy Bear Song
    Просмотров: 61945436
  • Je m'appelle Funny Bear - Full French Version - Gummy Bear Song
    Просмотров: 442667164

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